Business Field

SCAK established as s initiative for the growth of specialty coffee culture in Korea is a non-profit coporation permitted by the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Korea.
By the understanding and cooperation of Specialty Coffee, we intend to protect the trader's interests and rights and also improve their positions. Along with the sound development of the coffee culture , we also aim to contribute towards the improvement of national health and growth in food culture.

Business Purpose
1. Exchange information of the specialty coffee culture.
2.Plan a stable growth in the market through mutual cooperation between the members and the enterprise. 3. Overseas exchange and accumulating the status of the specialty coffee culture.
4. Training/Education and support for the continuous development of coffee culture.
5. Other projects on behalf of the specialty coffee culture.

Main Business
Holding seminars by inviting guests from overseas
Holding monthly professional seminars
Running trainings and various certificate program
Hosting the Roasters Championship
Hosting the Cup Tasters Championship
Participation and exchange in the International Fair
Building up a business network for specialty coffee

Excutive Team

Mr. Yongdeuk Kim | President of Terarosa Coffee

Vice President
Mr. Young S. Sohn | President of Bitter & Sweet
Mr. Jeonghun Choi | President of In Earth Coffee
Mr. Ceyoon Kim I President of Themselves

Executive Secretary
Ms. Soyeon KIM

Mr. Jaebeom Lee | Professor at the School of Business for Sogang University
Ms. Hyesook Ghim | President of Bokkum Coffee Roasters

Mr. Eunsik Ma | President of Club Espresso
Mr. Myungkyu Ahn | President of Coffee Myungga

Mr. Dongheon Jang | President of Coffee Cup Story
Ms. Hyoseung Park | President of Table Top Coffee
Mr. Hyungdon Kim | President of C cube Korea
Mr. Ohsung Kwon | Vice President of Arabica Coffee Roasters
Ms. Soyoon Chung | President of Wonhyoro Coffee
Mr. Sungwoo Lee | President of BuongEGotgan
Mr. Taesoo Seo | President of Rr Kaldi Coffee
Mr. Wonil Kim | President of Atti Coffee
Mr. Youngmin Choo | President of Koala Coffee Factory
Mr. Myoung Sic Kim | President of Blackup Coffee


Tel 82­2­701­1512
Address #308, Seogye­Jeil Bldg, 34­5, Cheongpa­ro 89­gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea [Zipcode 140­830]